Special report into the allegations associated with Prime Minister Trudeau’s official visit to India in February 2018

81. The Committee conducted a special review which considered the various allegations raised in the context of the Prime Minister’s visit to India. These allegations related to foreign interference in Canadian political affairs, risks to the security of the Prime Minister, and inappropriate use of intelligence. In that respect, the Committee made a total of 18 findings and five recommendations to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

82. This review also raised broader issues of concern. Like other countries, Canada must investigate, prosecute or disrupt extremists who, from within our borders, pose a threat to the security of a foreign state – in this case India, a democratic country with which Canada has strong relations. At the same time, ***. The Committee recognizes that managing these competing and often antagonistic priorities is a significant challenge.

83. The Committee thanks departments and officials for their collaboration and the timely provision of information to the Secretariat.