National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Delivers its 2018 Annual Report

Ottawa, December 21, 2018 — The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) today delivered its first Annual Report to the Prime Minister.

The Report includes the two substantive reviews conducted by NSICOP in 2018, and its related findings and recommendations. NSICOP examined the Government of Canada’s process for establishing the national intelligence priorities. These priorities serve to direct intelligence organizations in the collection and analysis of intelligence. NSICOP also conducted a review of the intelligence activities of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. The Committee examined the scope of these activities, their legal authorities and the existing oversight mechanisms for their control and accountability.

“This Annual Report marks the first time that Canada has had a committee of Parliamentarians with access to classified material and cleared to examine issues of national security and intelligence – and it is a responsibility that we have taken very seriously,” said NSICOP Chair, the Honourable David McGuinty.

Mr. McGuinty underlined the engagement and dedication of Committee members, noting, “our work has demonstrated that issues of accountability, the security of Canada and the protection of our democratic rights and freedoms are beyond partisanship.”

The Prime Minister will now consider whether there is any information in the report, the disclosure of which would be injurious to national security, national defence or international relations, or which includes solicitor-client information. A declassified version of the Report must be tabled in Parliament within 30 sitting days.

Rennie Marcoux
Executive Director
National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians
(613) 948-4233